Our mission

Our goal is to bring awareness and hands-on exposure towards end-of-life care to undergraduate students across campus. Students who volunteer with us will have the chance to meaningfully interact with patients and learn to compassionately care for adults and their families through our four initiatives.


Founded in 2016 by Jonathan Wang, Anthony Milki, and Yong-hun Kim, Stanford Undergraduate Hospice and Palliative Care (SUHPaC) works closely with our elderly community to facilitate compassionate care and spread awareness of the challenges facing a growing senior population. As the life expectancy increases over the next twenty years, the number of patients receiving end-of-life care is projected to over double. We provide students with a meaningful experience and opportunity to work with Hospice and other elderly patients who are near the end of their time and one of the most important times of their life. We support our elderly community through field volunteering, classes, outreach events, and special projects every quarter.

Our Initiatives

Here's what we're working on:

Field Volunteering

SUHPaC serves as a convener of students interested in volunteering in community agencies to help and support seriously ill patients as well as older adults from diverse backgrounds in a variety of community venues. Certified students will have the opportunity to volunteer at local Hospice care homes under the auspices of SUHPaC. SUHPaC will assist and support students with practical aspects like transportation and other logistics. There will be a required one-quarter time commitment for anyone interested in field volunteering through SUHPaC. 

Outreach and awareness

There are thousands of older adults, and the population is projected to increase over the next few years. We will host awareness events about the care of an aging and seriously ill population where we bring in inspirational speakers to Stanford’s campus.

Partnership Development

SUHPaC aims to identify and support hospice organization in the community to build meaningful relationships between Stanford students and those involved in end-of-life care.

Our Team


Serena Jing
Biomedical Computation, 2021

Hi! My name is Serena Jing and I am a junior studying Biomedical Computation. I became really interested in hospice and palliative care after I attended a death cafe at Stanford, where I got a chance to have an open, honest, and genuine conversation about death and other losses with other Stanford undergrads and medical students. I really want to “recreate” this incredibly meaningful experience for others and am excited to do so in my role as president! 


Kylee Beck
Human Biology, 2020

Kylee is a senior studying Human Biology with a concentration in the effects of culture on mental illness. She has been involved with SUHPaC since her freshman year and appreciates the opportunity to engage with hospice and palliative care communities through volunteering.

Financial Officer

Panos Vandris
Biology and Comparative Literature, 2021

Panos Vandris (’21) is a junior at Stanford majoring in Biology and Comparative Literature. Passionate about improving access to and quality of care, he volunteers at Stanford Hospital, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and Cardinal Free Clinics and works for Project ECHO T1D in the Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes. His foreign language experience in Greek, Spanish, and Mandarin and engagement with the medical humanities have instilled in him a deep appreciation for culturally competent care and effective science communication. As president of Stanford Undergraduate Neuroscience Society, co-president of Stanford Undergraduate Research Association, and director of Stanford Premedical Conference, he also loves building community among undergraduates who share the same interests and ambitions. In his free time, he enjoys reading novels, watching films, and listening his way through Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Director of Outreach & Awareness 

Ruhi Kanwar
Biology, 2021

Ruhi Kanwar is a Computational Biology major in Stanford’s Class of 2021. As a member of SUHPaC since her freshman year, Ruhi joined SUHPaC to bring awareness and hands-on exposure towards end-of-life care. She hopes to help undergraduates create meaningful patient interactions and experiences that encourage and inspire compassionate care. Apart from SUHPaC, she is involved on the Stanford Bhangra team, Division II Lacrosse Team, Alzheimer’s Alliance, cardinal service, and several feminist organizations on campus.

Director of Outreach & Awareness

Francesca Kim
Biomedical Computation, 2022

 Francesca Kim is the Outreach & Awareness Director for SUHPaC and is a sophomore studying Biomedical Computation. Having grown up in South Korea where the aging population is rapidly growing, Francesca felt the importance of compassionate end-of-life care from a young age. In her free time, Francesca enjoys baking and creative graphic design work.

Director of Hospice Volunteering

Sophia Luo
Computational Biology, 2022 

 Hi! I am a current sophomore at Stanford studying Biology on the Computational Biology track. I started volunteering with SUHPaC last year and am excited to continue working with local hospice organizations to connect students with hospice care volunteering opportunities. In my free time, I enjoy reading, running, and cooking plant-based food. 

Director of Communications

Tracy Lang
Human Biology, 2021

Hi! I’m Tracy Lang and I’m currently a junior at Stanford majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Design for Human Health. I joined SUHPaC because I want to help change the stigma surrounding end of life care. I’ve had many meaningful experiences getting to learn more about the lives of those in hospice care. Outside of SUHPaC, I am co-president of the Taiwanese Cultural Society and secretary of Sigma Psi Zeta. In my free time, I enjoy design, playing the cello, and watching horror movies. 

General Member

Avery Muniz
Biology, 2021

 My name’s Avery and I’m a junior on the pre-med track studying Biology. I became really interested in hospice care after taking an introsem called Compassionate Presence at the Bedside, where I had the opportunity to form meaningful connections with patients in hospice care. I joined SUHPaC because I think hospice volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and learn how to serve as a healing presence for patients at the end of life. 

General Member

Sammy Pickell
Human Biology, 2022

 Hi! My name is Sammy Pickell and I am a sophomore studying Human Biology. My interest in palliative care began when I took an introsem freshman year relating to the care of hospice patients. When the class ended, I continued to volunteer at VITAS and visit the patients I got to know through the class. I would love to encourage others to engage in this difficult yet extremely meaningful and important role of volunteering with hospice patients! 

Faculty Advisor
VJ Periyakoil, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director Palliative Care Education and Training
Stanford University School of Medicine

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